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Doris Younger Designs is ready to help you create the dream with excellent Interior Design ideas. Experienced Interior Designer for the Dallas and Rockwall areas of Texas!

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Interior Design

Doris Younger Designs provides commercial and residential Interior Design services for Dallas Metroplex & Rockwall Texas. We specialize in Remodeling and new construction projects.Read more...
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Space Planning

We look forward to helping you lay out that perfect room or office you have been dreaming of. Read more...
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Kitchen Remodeling

Struggling with where to start on designing a kitchen? DYD is here to help! Let's make magic!. Read more...
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Window Treatments and Bedding

More than any other element, windows define your home’s or office’s architectural design. The right window coverings can enhance a beautiful room’s good qualities, take a cheerless space and make it a sanctuary, and transform plain nondescript windows into decorating assets for your home or office.Read more...
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  • Doris Younger Designs provides commercial and residential Interior Design services for Dallas Metroplex & Rockwall Texas. We specialize in Remodeling and new construction projects. "Not only is the creative design of your space important, but also your health, safety and welfare. Your environment, whether at work or at home, has a powerful influence on your well being, productivity and comfort."

  • Window Treatments come in a dazzling array of styles that will suit any decor. When done correctly they can add charm and character to your home. Doris Younger Designs can take the guesswork out of deciding which designs are best suited to your home's design style.


  • Extensive partnerships with contractors and vendors uniquely positions Doris Younger Designs to facilitate Interior Design projects from inception to completion, while providing the vision, resources and experience to interpret your unique needs creating a timeless design for your home or office.

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