Life changes and so do your interior design needs
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Doris Younger, ASID, RID | TX Certified Interior Designer #2977

Life changes and so do your interior design needs

Our lives change on a daily basis and so do our living space needs. Maybe you have recently moved to the Dallas metroplex area. Or have you just moved into a bigger home to meet your family's needs? The opposite could be happening as well, your kids have grown up and moved out, and now you have moved into a smaller home. None of those scenarios may fit you but, you want to make a change to your home or even your office. We can assist with all aspects of interior design, specializing in residential and commercial interiors. We want your space to not only be beautiful, but something that is personalized for you and your family, yet functional. Your office needs to be practical for your business, and your home should be a respite from the world.

Austin & Dallas Metroplex award winning designs

Our interior design firm is the perfect answer for you, your home or your office.We serve the greater Dallas Metroplex area and Austin Texas. Since communication is essential to perfecting the interior of your home or office, we will work with you through every stage of the interior design process, We are design experts with an extensive range of interior designs and remodeling projects all over the metroplex area. We don’t want to just meet your expectations but exceed them, in creating a stylish yet functional interior you will love. With a checklist on our website, we even assist in helping you decide what you need from an interior designer. Facilitating the communication is paramount from the conceptualization of your design, through the construction to choosing the perfect furnishings and accessories for your new living or working space. As an experienced interior designer in the Dallas Metroplex and Austin area winning numerous awards, our firm is the perfect choice. Regardless of whether you are renovating your current home or office or starting from scratch with a new or remodeled area, we are the experts you need.

With our experience and being local to the Dallas Metroplex and Austin area we are able to complete your
interior design needs and work with the budget you have to spend. Our long lasting relationships in the metroplex with our suppliers allows us to bring our customers the best finishes, furnishings and accessories to make your interior the dream you
always wanted.

Just for Fun with Doris Younger Designs

The evolution of furniture from utilitarian to artful is often a key to the manners, mores and means of other times and places.  In that spirit and just for fun, here are “romance” stories about some of those pieces picked up over thirty five years of studying and practicing interior design.  Are they true? I don’t know for sure but if not, I’m sure at the very least they contain seeds of truth in the development of traditional furniture styles and, as I said, just for fun……. Read More fun stories here.