Kitchen Remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeling

remodeled kitchen by doris

When remodeling your kitchen and laying out your kitchen design, keep in mind one important aspect:  the kitchen triangle.  The kitchen triangle is the well worn path you make between refrigerator, stove/oven and sink. The tighter the triangle, the more efficient you can be while cooking.

With a kitchen remodeling project you've got a unique set of challenges.  First you're dealing with a set amount of space.  Second you've already got some kind of flooring, so the question is whether to keep it or discard it or cover it.  Third, you've got kitchen cabinets and you need to decide if they are good enough for refacing or bad enough for demolition.

There are a number of basic kitchen design layouts, some suitable for small kitchens and some for larger kitchens.

GALLEY or one-wall style for small kitchens.

CORRIDOR STYLE:  Like a galley but with counters and cabinets on both sides.

L-SHAPED:  Counters form an "L" shape making it easy to create the kitchen triangle.

DOUBLE "L" LAYOUT:  It's the L-shaped kitchen with an island also in the shape of an "L".

U-SHAPED LAYOUT:  Counters and cabinets form a horseshoe shape, giving you plenty of storage and work room.






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