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Space Planning Is Necessary For A Peaceful Environment You Love

Do you want to use your home or office more effectively and efficiently? Is your home office/study a cluttered mess? What about your kitchen, do you dread cooking big meals because it is a hassle with the way your kitchen was designed? Is your living room no longer relaxing and a comforting place you enjoy?Why not hire a space planning expert to redesign your space and create an interior that is more practical and that you will love to use.

Space planning transforms your space into your desired image and atmosphere. It will also better accommodate special purposes which will allow you to use your space more practically and efficiently.


Create a better environment for your lifestyle

We can provide you with a professional opinion on how best to use your existing space. You do not need to renovate or remodel your home. We can assist in transforming the space you have available into a room that you will love. We know that your space is premium so you will not have to worry about any wasted space. You will not have to live in a room that does not have the “energy or flow” you feel it needs. We can make your current space more livable, yet beautiful, a place you are proud to showcase. Instead of redesigning your space, we can also remodel your house or room if you choose to go for something completely new and different.

There is a difference in a place you exist in and a place you live in

We are the experts at space planning, whether you are remodeling or just wanting to use space planning to improve your existing space, we have your answer! We can improve the quality of your life with changes to your rooms so that you are no longer frustrated spending time there. Why waste your time and energy in a place that is not working for you? Allow us to create an environment that you love and that is the most efficient space that meets the needs of you and your family. Call today and we can begin working together on making your home or office a place you not just live or work in but also love to be in.

Kitchen Remodeling Modernizing The Heart of Your Home

Many of us put off kitchen remodeling because it affects our daily lives more than other remodels. It may be because of the inconvenience of eating out for a bit or cooking with limited use. We are having beautiful weather now and grilling season is upon us. There are many options that we can help you with while assisting with your kitchen remodeling project. Are you purchasing new appliances for your kitchen? Why stop with just updating your dishwasher? It will save you time and money to do the stove or the new refrigerator that you have had your eye on while we are already in there. Through the planning, designing and finally bringing your kitchen remodeling into fruition, we can reduce the stress with constant communication and give you a nearly painless remodel.

Your Award Winning Designer For Your Kitchen Remodeling Treasure

Doris Younger Designs is an award winning design firm. Why would you consider hiring anyone else for your kitchen remodeling desires? In any remodeling project including kitchen remodeling communication with the customer is key. Don’t hire a designer that keeps you in the dark or offers you drafts and remodeling ideas of your kitchen which are not a representation of your goals. We are with you from the beginning of your kitchen remodeling project to the end, with the aspiration of tailoring your alterations for you. We can create for you an award winning design for your kitchen remodeling project regardless of the size of your kitchen. We keep in mind everything from the storage space that is needed, to the all important kitchen triangle and everything inbetween. We are experts at kitchen remodeling with an outstanding reputation with our clients who are delighted with their dream kitchen.

Are You Living In A Time Warp? Kitchen Remodeling Revives Your Home.

Do you have a love a cooking? Are you a fan of the foodie channels and learning new recipes for your family to enjoy or for home entertainment? Kitchen remodeling can bring the joy back to cooking family and holiday meals. We will create a kitchen in which you are proud to entertain anyone from family and friends, to business associates. When we complete your remodel we will put the heart back into your kitchen.

Life changes and so do your interior design needs

Our lives change on a daily basis and so do our living space needs. Maybe you have recently moved to the Dallas metroplex area. Or have you just moved into a bigger home to meet your family's needs? The opposite could be happening as well, your kids have grown up and moved out, and now you have moved into a smaller home. None of those scenarios may fit you but, you want to make a change to your home or even your office. We can assist with all aspects of interior design, specializing in residential and commercial interiors. We want your space to not only be beautiful, but something that is personalized for you and your family, yet functional. Your office needs to be practical for your business, and your home should be a respite from the world.

Austin & Dallas Metroplex award winning designs

Our interior design firm is the perfect answer for you, your home or your office.We serve the greater Dallas Metroplex area and Austin Texas. Since communication is essential to perfecting the interior of your home or office, we will work with you through every stage of the interior design process, We are design experts with an extensive range of interior designs and remodeling projects all over the metroplex area. We don’t want to just meet your expectations but exceed them, in creating a stylish yet functional interior you will love. With a checklist on our website, we even assist in helping you decide what you need from an interior designer. Facilitating the communication is paramount from the conceptualization of your design, through the construction to choosing the perfect furnishings and accessories for your new living or working space. As an experienced interior designer in the Dallas Metroplex and Austin area winning numerous awards, our firm is the perfect choice. Regardless of whether you are renovating your current home or office or starting from scratch with a new or remodeled area, we are the experts you need.

With our experience and being local to the Dallas Metroplex and Austin area we are able to complete your
interior design needs and work with the budget you have to spend. Our long lasting relationships in the metroplex with our suppliers allows us to bring our customers the best finishes, furnishings and accessories to make your interior the dream you
always wanted.

Home Remodeling Transforming Your Nice Home to Stunning

We can help you bring your home to life, with unique designs tailored to your personality, and expertise in designs that will never go out of style. We believe that communication with our clients is the key for successful home remodeling. If you have multiple family members with different ideas for your home remodeling, we are able to create designs and results that everyone will love.

When you are remodeling your home there are many aspects that need to be thought about to make the home function efficiently, while still being stylish. For instance if remodeling your kitchen, the kitchen triangle, the path between the stove, refrigerator, and sink is paramount for cooking. You need to be able to access each with minimal effort or cooking in your newly renovated kitchen will become a chore. Treat yourself to a master bath that makes you feel like you're at a spa. We can update your hall bath increasing storage space and transforming the ordinary to extraordinary. Is your office boring, bland or cluttered? Let us help you transform your office to something inviting and relaxing to work in. Your living room can be transformed into a showcase to entertain friends, family and other guests. Home remodeling is not just for yourselves, but also for those you invite into your home. Your home is your refuge for you and your family. Bring your family, friends, and loved ones to a home newly remodeled that is enjoyable but comfortable, inviting and fun while being relaxing, fostering the environment for the perfect social, family, or holiday gatherings.

No one is better suited for your home remodeling needs

Doris Younger Designs has an outstanding reputation, as well as award winning designs making DYD the ideal solution for your home remodeling needs. Not only can we help transform your home from average to gorgeous, but we can make it more functional adding more storage space. We will add the perfect accessories to enhance the room. We listen to our clients needs, desires and dreams, while keeping your budget in mind. Your home is an investment, and home remodeling increases your resale value. Let DYD assist you in making the most of your investment. DYD is your answer to your home remodeling needs. Call us today, we would love to meet you.

Home or Office Window Treatments

Window Treatments are needed for any home! Window treatments not only make your home look beautiful, but assist in keeping the room at the optimal temperature you desire. Do the current window treatments that are installed in your home or office still fit your lifestyle? People and fashion change over time; what may have been a room perfectly decorated and fun a few years ago can look dated now. Do you have an idea of what you would like but unsure of how to implement it? Have you been pouring through samples but afraid that the material will be wrong? Or, are you having trouble finding the best options within your budget that you want to spend?


Doris Younger Designs can come to your rescue by providing the best solution for you and your home within the amount you would like to spend. Make your home something you enjoy and truly like with custom window treatments. Our interior design team is able to help you match the window treatments to the room itself and even assist in custom bedding to match the window treatments. Sketches are prepared for you based on the measurements taken by our team, then fabric recommended for you based on your needs and what is best for the room. The window treatments will be professionally installed once the construction is completed, making sure that proportion and balance are maintained in the room.


We pride ourselves in being totally involved from the initial visit to the professional installation ensuring your satisfaction with the results. The window treatments will not only be stunning, but what are needed for each room to keep the cool air in during those hot summer months, and prevent the heat from escaping in the winter. We can bring your unique ideas to fruition with custom window treatments designed just for you!


Just for Fun with Doris Younger Designs

The evolution of furniture from utilitarian to artful is often a key to the manners, mores and means of other times and places.  In that spirit and just for fun, here are “romance” stories about some of those pieces picked up over thirty five years of studying and practicing interior design.  Are they true? I don’t know for sure but if not, I’m sure at the very least they contain seeds of truth in the development of traditional furniture styles and, as I said, just for fun……. Read More fun stories here.